The Shit or Sharp Budget Lens Review

Bokeh - like you care what shape it is.

Bokeh – like you care what shape it is.

As you know there are lots of sites out there which provide very good, very technical, and very in depth lens reviews. However, like most people you end up skipping to the last page because there’s only one thing you really want to know: Is the lens you’re about to spunk your kids college fund on shit, or sharp?

So, in order to enable your idleness that tog blog has cut out the middle man and done all the hard work for you.  That’s right; with not so much as a thought for all of the time, dedication and rigorous testing done by others,  we’ve skipped to the back pages so you don’t have to.

If like us you would rather spend your time in work messing about on Facebook,  instead of slogging through endless pages of graphs and pictures of landscapes at various different focal lengths, or reading about barrel distortion and pincushion (instead of actually working, we mean) you are in the right place.

Over the coming weeks and months we will provide you with all the information you need to be reasonably sure you’re not getting your pants pulled down by that weaselly little guy at Cash Generator, or that smug prick at Jessops.

Don’t thank us. It’s what we do,

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