That tog blog is as a place where art meets science meets rock n roll…..and a fight breaks out. It’s a gonzo project; a godless, heathen punk excuse for a magazine where the only thing you need to know is that if you take yourself too seriously, you are in the wrong place. And that’s about it.

Oh.  Wait. There’s more, apparently.

It’s also about solid journalism, with features from both amateur and pro photographers alike; it’s about learning new stuff while at the same time having a laugh; but most of all it’s about not being marketed to by some corporate entity trying to sell you a DVD which you can download from the Pirate Bay for free (coming soon, our free Pirate Bay Downloading Guide!!).

As you get to know us and become our friends you will learn many things. You will learn about the interplay of shadow and illumination, about lenses, lights, cameras and action; you will learn how to pose models and how to keep clicking and smiling and slowly backing away until you get to your car as the confetti is thrown, long after you realise you forgot to put a card in your camera.

Most importantly though, and we can’t stress this enough, you will learn that paying £6.95 for a magazine with a crappy HDR shot of Martha’s Vineyard in on the front is the height of stupidity. At that tog blog, however, we do not judge. Unless you are a moron. Then we do.

So this week that’s what we’re about. If Canon start throwing free shit at us all this might change. For now though, while we are dirt poor, its us against them. So, If you have the nads for it – or you’ve just nothing better to do, hop along for the ride. Hit the FOLLOW button and remember: We care about you.

A bit,