Camera Stuff

It would be remiss of us at that tog blog if we didn’t spend quite a lot of our time talking about cameras; camera gear, camera lenses, camera bags, camera tripods, and just about anything else you can think of that relates to camera’s. It’s a photography blog. Get used to it.

When planning this page we did toss around the idea of A Brief History of Cameras, or Cameras Down the Ages, kind of thing.  But then we thought…….let’s not.  Let’s talk about stuff that’s not major league dull instead; let’s talk about David Hobby and Strobism, about Joey L making a softbox out of some old cardboard, or Ian Tilton capturing moments as though he only has to blink to get the shot! In fact, let’s even talk about why we all got into photography in the first place (because we figured it would beat getting a real job and it might get us some sex. Am I right?)

Because photography, in case you hadn’t noticed, is the new rock n roll! Photography is ‘fast glass’ and ‘dragging the shutter’ and all kind of other cool terms that we can casually drop into the conversation like we know what we are actually talking about. Yeah! Togs, man; aperture addicts and glass monkeys and all sorts of mad, sexy, fun shit!!

So, instead of telling you that SLR stands for Single-Lens Reflex, or that the ISO setting on your new Canon relates to film speed in old fashioned film cameras, we decided that we’d tell you about some bad ass stuff instead.

Like, for example, the Canon 5D MKII was the first ever digital camera used to take an official presidential portrait.  Hell yes.  And it was that bad ass lying, spying, droning, freedom disowning former pot smoking son of a gun, Barak Obama, who had it taken.

Or that it was Hunter S Thompson who conceived the first ever digital camera while tripping off his tits on Peyote, but the idea was stolen from him by Steve Jobs who turned it into a toss music player instead.

Okay.  That last one is not actually true.  But you never know.

What is true though is that there’s a whole crapload of stuff you’re going to need  to understand if you want a life that doesn’t involve sitting in a call centre all day and taking shit from some 22 year old ‘team leader’ with a 21 year old BMW who watches The Apprentice and wears annoying ties.

The good news is, that crapload of stuff is right here! And (unlike other photography blogs) it isn’t overly technical and it won’t bore you to sleep. So, stick around, follow the blog, read about Camera Stuff and, most importantly, keep it real.

When you’ve done all that, take a look at some of the other pages in this section. Its some good shit, as the young people say.

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