Crop Conversion

HERE AT that tog blog our so called ‘pro shooters’ can often be heard whispering to each other, just prior to editorial meetings:  “How long is an 85mm prime on a 1.3 crop sensor? The old bastard is bound to ask….”

So, for their benefit, and yours, we’ve lifted this conversion chart from the Digital Photography School, which will help you enormously until you don’t need it anymore.  We were going to lift the entire article, but that’s trouble we just don’t need. We’re not even sure we can legally use their conversion table, truth be told.

Also, as we are big fans of Digital Photography School we decided that instead of just stealing their hard work, rewriting it a bit, and passing it off as our own, we’d send you over there to bone up on crop sensors. Unless you know about that stuff already. In which case, stay here. Otherwise please read Crop Factor Explained for more information on this and tell them we sent you.

Crop Conversion Table

Crop Conversion Table

Crop Conversion Table (If you click it, it goes big)